Repinique mor, charuto samba drum. Aluminum shell, white plastic heads with IVSOM logo.
Repique mor, 14" white plastic drum head.
IVSOM Repinique mor, Charuto, aluminum shell, 14" x 20"

IVSOM Repinique mor, Charuto, aluminum shell, 14" x 20"

Repinique mor is also called the charuto. This samba drum can play a similar role and pattern as the standard sized 12 inch repinique but it also has it’s own funky rhythmic patterns. 

The bigger head diameter and deeper shell gives the drum’s sound a deeper low end and an overall larger range of tones, adding a musical color to your bateria. The tone is higher than the terceira but lower than the 12 inch repinique. It really adds a beautiful depth of sound and musical quality to the samba ensemble.

These are quite uncommon right now in the U.S. but are becoming more popular as people learn about them. However they were featured heavily in 2018 samba school parades. I personally own 2 and love them! The grooves for repinique mor are exciting and funky and sound amazing when a strong player is nailing it. Different Rio samba schools have diversified on how to play these grooves so it has been a fun challenge to learn the different patterns.   

The head is 14 inches in diameter and the shell is 20 inches deep. The shell is shiny aluminum and the rims and hardware are IVSOM’s brassy color, which adds a nice touch of style.


The repinique mor comes with with IVSOM single ply plastic heads which are 5 mils thick. These work great and sound great. When you need to replace the heads you can use REMO Diplomats, which are also single ply plastic heads but 7 mils thick. Other people like a little thicker head, the REMO Ambassador. These are also single ply plastic heads, but about 10 mils thick. Try experimenting with different things and see what you like.



Repiniques are often played with a shorter stick than a traditional drum stick. Also, the stick does not have the drum stick bead that you might be used to seeing.

Rio style samba the repinique and repinique mor is generally played with a wooden stick in one hand. Your dominant hand has the stick, and the other hand plays slaps, tones, and ghost notes.

The repinique mor can take a bit of a longer and thicker drum stick than the regular sized repinique. A bigger stick will help bring out all the tones that the repinique mor is capable of.


The repinique mor is held on with a shoulder strap. The drum will hang in front of you in a jaunty angle. The angle works out well for hitting the slaps with you hand and getting consistent rim shots with the stick-hand.

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments.


Macapart shoulder strap, red white and blue colors, one hook.


Protect your investment, check out the Repinique mor bag by IVOSM.

8.16 lbs

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