Gray aluminum tamborim with white plastic head with Timbra logo.

Timbra Tamborim, Gray Aluminum shell, White Nylon Head, 6 tuning hooks, 6"

Timbra, Gray Aluminum shell, 6 inch diameter tamborim. 10.8 oz

Tamborins made by Timbra in São Paulo are wonderfully resistant to corrosion. The shells won't oxidize and get faded over time like other instruments. With proper care the drums will look nice like the day you got it for longer than others. 

In order to maximize strength and keep it light weight, the shell has been grooved. 

Six tuning hooks allow space for your hand to fit comfortably between them. The six inch diameter drum is the typical size for samba batucada ensembles.

The drum comes with a bright and crispy nylon head that is milky white. 

The nickel tuning hooks are fully removable and replaceable. 

The chrome rims of the tamborim look classy and sleek.

It's complicated!

In a big samba bateria the tamborim will play complicated parts and melodies that lay over the top of the rest of the bateria. The sound gives form and forward movement to the samba enredo. The crisp cracking sound of the tamborim cuts through all the other instruments. 

Playing the tamborim requires a  "tamborim baqueta" or tamborim beater. 

A fat tipped tamborim baqueta are somewhat hard to find outside of Brazil. The fat tips of the rods add a bit of weight to the baqueta that gives you a nice "throw" and feel in your hand.

Some of the best hand-made baquetas are by Jorginho of Rio. Go Samba purchases them directly from him. You can see them here. 

Courtney and Jorginho, master baqueta maker!

I am very happy to be working with Jorginho and Timbra to bring you the best and highest quality samba instruments from Brazil Thank you for supporting Go Samba!

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