Timbra 20 inch surdo with aluminum body and chrome hardware. 10 tuning rods and beautiful black timbra logo.
Surdo emerging from it's shipping box. Timbra logo on the surdo shell. Shiny aluminum, chrome hardware and 10 tuning rods.
Samba Ja! with their new Timbra surdos. Seven surdos strapped on seven people with their arms raised.

Timbra Surdo, aluminum shell, inverted napa head and nylon head, 20" x 15.75"

Timbra makes all their drums by hand at their factory in São Paulo.

This 20 inch diameter surdo has an aluminum shell and the hardware is all chrome and shiny! The hardware has been treated so that it is corrosion resistant, this will keeping it looking beautiful as the day you bought it for longer.

The surdo has 10 tuning rods. 

This drum come has a larger than average hole in the side of the drum to allow easy access to mic your drum. This is great for recording situations, or when you need to mic for a stage show.

Inverted napa heads

Most people are aware of napa drum heads, usually a plastic head with typically black or red material over the top. This is a weather resistant head that is similar to a skin head but can be quite delicate as the top layer will split and crack easily. Timbra has solved this problem with their inverted napa heads. So the napa is on the inside and the more durable plastic layer is on the outside. A terrific solution to a very common problem.


Macapart strap for shoulder. Pink and green colors for mangueira samba school. This strap has one hook for batucada style samba.
Shoulder straps are used with samba batucada from Rio de Janeiro. The drum is held at an angle to your body from the strap.
Rasta strap made by Macapart. Red Green and Gold macapart strap with two hooks.
Two hook straps are generally used with samba reggae and samba afro styles. The strap goes around the waist and the drum is worn directly in front of the body.
For more information on drum straps check out this Earplug Blog post.



Segunda and primera mallets by IVSOM. Wooden handle and colorful mallet heads.
Good samba mallets for surdo drums are hard to come by. These are well balanced mallets with wooden handles. Great for playing primera and segunda.
If you would like more information on how to play surdos please see this blog post:
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