Shiny silver colored aluminum tambrorim with a white plastic head and a Timbra logo.

Timbra Tamborim, Silver Aluminum shell, 6 tuning hooks, 6"

Timbra,  Silver Aluminum shell, 6 inch diameter tamborim. 10.8 oz

The Timbra family of tamborins are all made of corrosion resistant aluminum. They manufacture the aluminium so that it is durable and will not fade or get dull. It will keep the shiny silver look for much longer than average aluminum tamborim.

You can see that the shell has grooves in it. This is to keep the shell strong but light weight.

This tamborim is the classic size and conformation. 6 inches in diameter with 6 tuning hooks give it a comfortable fit in your hand. 

The white nylon head, when properly tuned, is bright and crispy! 

The tuning hooks are made of nickel. Unlike some cheaper tamborins, the tuning hooks are removable and replaceable.  The tamborins' rims are chromed, not to be outdone by a Dirty South rapper.

Small and complicated! The tamborim's role in the bateria is to play complex rhythmic passages, adding melody and shape to the samba enredo. The high pitch and harsh, crispy sound of the tamborim can be heard above all else. 

Just as a full bateria is a force of nature a clean tamborim line is magic.

To play a tamborim you need a "baqueta" or beater. 

A tamborim baqueta with weighted fat tips are the preferred beaters in Rio, however they can be quite hard to find outside of Brazil. Most tamborim players come to prefer one style of baqueta and will scour the stores of Rio to find the right one! Jorginho hand-makes some of the best baquetas and mallets in Brazil. I bought these directly from him. You can see them here. 

Courtney and Master baqueta maker Jorginho

Go Samba is very happy to work with Timbra to carry their line of high quality samba instruments!

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