Third surdo mallets, terceira mallets in multiple colors. Wooden handles and fuzzy head mallets.

IVSOM Surdo Mallets, Small, Terceira, third surdo

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Well balanced mallet with a hard head. Suitable for batucada third surdo. You'll be rolling like a fool with these speedy mallets! Price includes one mallet. Sold individually.

Summertime samba parades are hot and sweaty! You’re getting tired and the mallet is feeling like it’s going to go flying. “I wish the director would call that break where the surdos don’t play…” you find yourself thinking. You just need a second to regain your grip.

Those days are over with these sweet mallets. The wooden handle with the slightly bulbous body will save your hands and your grip in these moments when you need it most. And when the parade is finished, you'll still have enough grip to hold your beer and cheers your fellow surdo players!

The balanced between the handle and head is satisfying. The weight is not too heavy. They don’t have that weird too-short or handle-heavy feel. But there is plenty of heft to them so you still feel like you can give the drum a good wallop! So good!

I really can't deal with straight handled mallets that are too light, and weirdly unbalanced. I tried making my own mallets several times.

The fuzzy mallet heads will eventually wear around the point where it strikes the drum. It looks a bit like a newborn baby with a mohawk from sleeping too much (you know what I’m talking about?). The sound that you get out of them is better at this point. They draw a better sound out of your drum. Like good cheese the mallet has a little age in it. It doesn’t sound too “smacky” like blank wooden mallets, but it develops a nice attack with the cushion that is left.

I try to do business with small manufacturers who also work with samba schools in Brazil. These people and the communities in Brazil give us so much and it is important that we living in North America support them and give back.

You can feel good about buying this great mallet.

Several colors available: Blue, green, red, white, black, and yellow.

Length: 13 inches.  Weight: 4.2 oz

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