Steel shell caixa with 4 strings. IVSOM malacacheta drum for samba batucada.

IVSOM Caixa, 4 strings, galvanized steel shell, 12" x 7.5"

Caixa IVSOM, 4 strings, galvanized steel shell, 12" x 7.5"

The classic old-school model with an addictive sound. I am falling in love with steel shell Brazilian percussion instruments. There was no access to them before opening the store and now I can’t get enough of the sound!

Get a nod of respect from Mestres with a galvanized steel drum. Tight dry caixa sound on this instrument.

This drum with it’s galvanized steel shell will arrive at your door all shiny and mottled but will turn dull over time.

The steel shell makes is a bit heavier than the aluminum, however, unless you have back problems or just like shiny things (disco balls) the sound of a steel drum is unbeatable. Once I switched to steel instruments, I never went back. Maybe I should ask IVSOM to make me a steel shell repinique mor!

These drums are not quite a beautiful as their aluminum sister drums but true percussionists prioritize sound over looks anyway. This drum has the well crafted IVSOM brassy hardware.

This drum is the lowest price point of the line that I carry. This is not because the quality is lower. It is simply the price of materials and the amount of work that went into building it.


For batucada styles these drums are commonly held on your body with a shoulder strap. The drum then hangs at an angle and you hold your sticks in “traditional grip”. The drum is deep enough to not flop forward on your body like some of the other Brazilian style caixas made in Asia.

Need a strap? Check out the line of Macapart straps in the store. 

As a caixa player, it is up to you and your section to cook up the swingy groove that the rest of the band relies on to keep everything together! You guys cook a special sound that keeps the butts dancing.

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments.  


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