Caixa vazada made by IVSOM. A drum without a shell and two sets of caixa wires, one on each head.
Side view of Brazilian snare drum without a shell. No shell drum used for samba.
Zoomed in view of samba snare, vazada. Made by IVSOM. You can see the snare wires wrapped in yellow tape.

IVSOM Caixa vazada, 6 string, steel, 12" x 7.5"

Caixa information

Also the best caixa for decorating with lights!

The "shell" is more of a steel support structure for the drum heads. It's hard to explain, just look at the photos. This model sells out quite quickly.

This caixa commands attention for more than just it’s looks. We all understand that samba instruments are loud but this caixa is super loud!

The reason it is so loud is that there is no shell on this drum. It is more of a frame that holds the hoops that the drum heads fit over. Then you have your normal tension rods for holding the heads on and tuning. See the photos.

The frame is white and made of steel. The hardware is a beautiful brassy color. This drum has 12 inch diameter heads and the shell is 7 ½ inches deep.

This is by far the best caixa for decorating with lights and disco balls!

This drum is heavier than the other 12” drums in our lineup due to the steel frame. If volume is what you need this drum definitely will deliver.


Generally for Batucada style samba caixas are held on with a shoulder strap. This makes the drum hang at an angle in front of your body. Some of the caixas that are readily available in the US are manufactured in Asia. These drums as very shallow and will flop forward on your body, which is SUPER annoying! All of the caixas in my store are from Brazil, deep enough that they won’t flow forward,high quality, and have great sound.

Need a strap? Check out the line of Macapart straps in the store.

Em Cima

This drum can be used to play em cima style which doesn’t require a strap at all. You hold the drum up on one arm/shoulder with a normal sized stick in the other opposite hand. And a dorky little stick in the “carrying hand”.

As a caixa player the band is relying on you to lay down a swingy grid of sound to keep everyone together. The dancers and the crowd is also relying on you to push them and keep their feet moving!

As with all IVSOM’s drums it is a professional level of quality and you will never outgrow it.

5.29 lbs

brand: IVSOM
mpn: IVCX03

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