Wooden samba shaker. Green and white chocalho with black handles and 5 rows of jingles.
IVSOM Chocalho, wood 7" x 22"

IVSOM Chocalho, wood 7" x 22"

A classic wood chocalho with 5 rows of jingles. Beautiful and loud. The handles have rounded edges so that the instrument feels comfortable in your hand and you can smoothly flip it over during pauses. 

Play chocalho and show off your samba swing!

The chocalho instrument backs the caixa swing adding an infectious chatter to the bateria. The sound connects with crowds and really gets them dancing! When the the chocalhos enter the groove everyone feels it!

Playing the chocalho properly requires a lot of strength and endurance. Check out this video featuring chocalho director Thayane Cantanhêde playing the chocalho for the Samba school Vila Isabel. And check out that smooth flip at 0.43 seconds in! 

The chocalho plays a super important role within a Samba school bateria. Not only are they supporting the swing of the caixas they provide quite a bit of showmanship to the front of the group. Many times you'll see the section performing choreographed dance steps and turns. 

In the past the chocalho was commonly played by women, but now it is played by everyone. 

Colors available: green/white and red/white.

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments. 

The bolts on chocalhos can wear out after years of playing. The jingles wear them super thin and they can break. 

Three bolts from chocalhos. Two are worn thing and one is worn all the way through. The third is a new bolt for comparison.
You can see in this photo the bottom two bolts are worn from years of scraping by jingles. The middle is worn all the way through. The top bolt is a brand new one for comparison.
You can purchase replacement bolts from Go Samba.
Three brand new chocalho bolts on a white background.
Go Samba also carries replacement jingles.
Replacement jingles for chocalho. Steel jingles and aluminum jingles. Mixed in with chocalho bolts on a white background.

2.5 lbs

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