IVSOM Surdo, aluminum shell, skin and nylon head, 22" x 20"
IVSOM Surdo, aluminum shell, skin and nylon head, 22" x 20"

IVSOM Surdo, aluminum shell, skin and nylon head, 22" x 20"

Being in a crew of strong surdo players is so much fun. You rely on each other to keep the energy up and rolling. Together you spark the band and push the samba forward. The surdo line has a huge responsibility on their shoulders. And when it is good, when it is driving, you can elevate the room!

This drum is typically used as a primera or first surdo. The head is 22 inches in diameter and the shell is 20 inches deep. The top head is made of goatskin, and the bottom head is made of plastic. The shell is made out of aluminum.

IVSOM doesn’t leave surdos out, they also get the classy brassy hardware on these big guys.

Goatskin heads

Goatskin heads can be a little harder to find in the U.S. The natural material has a sound that thin plastic top-heads cannot match. When you strike a goatskin head you have a great attack without the thin overtones. The thickness of the head helps deepen the sound of the entire drum without sounding too muted.

These heads are made by hand. IVSOM forms and rolls the skin around wooden hoops that are cut to size. When these arrive at your door the skin might be lumpy from temperature and humidity variations. Just get the head a little damp, not sopping wet, and put it on the drum shell and assemble the drum. Do no put tension on the head or play the head before it is completely dry. You could cause irreparable damage.


Batucada surdo players use a shoulder strap to wear the drum. The surdo will generally hang at an angle from the strap.

Macapart red, white, blue samba strap. One hook for the shoulder. black padded lining.

Samba styles from Bahia typically use waist straps to wear the drum. The surdo will hang down between the knees.

Macapart two hook waist strap. red white and blue colors, laying sideways.


When playing primera or segunda one mallet is generally enough. But, sometimes there are rolls and things requiring 2 mallets. These mallets are bigger and heavier than the mallets used to play terceira. The mallets have a hard wooden bead in the head and a good weight balance to them which lets you really wallop your drum.

Surdo mallets with wooden handles made by IVSOM. Multi colored heads laying together.

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments. 


14.8 lbs

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