Repinique drum 12 inches. aluminum shell and brassy hardware. Plastic head with IVSOM logo.
Zoomed in view of repique by IVSOM, 12 inches, 6 tuning rods.

IVSOM Repinique aluminum shell, 12" x 12"


Clarion of the bateria, the repinique calls the players to “Pay attention! We’re about to blow the doors off!”. Many people are attracted to playing caixa, but of all the Brazilian percussion instruments, the repinique calls to certain players. I don’t want to say the drum chooses you but it sometimes seems that way. It drags you in, mesmerizes you, and doesn’t let go.

Jorge Alabe told me once that the repinique is where the swing comes from. You are giving the swing to the caixas. You are playing for them and they are playing for you.

This drum has a 12” diameter head and a 12” deep aluminum shell. The hardware is the lovely brassy color that we have come to expect from IVSOM.


Go Samba carries replacement heads for samba drums. Need new heads from Brazil? These single ply heads will work with a 12 inch repinique or 12 inch caixa. Heads

The heads that come on the drum are single ply plastic 5 mils thick. If I can't get heads from Brazil then like to replace the heads with REMO Diplomats, single ply, 7 mils thick. Some other folks prefer REMO Ambassadors also single ply, 10 mils thick. I prefer the sound of the diplomats but they do stretch out and start sounding weird faster than the Ambassadors. Experiment around and find what you like.




Repiniques are played differently depending on the style.

Rio style samba the repinique is usually played with one stick in the dominant hand. And the other hand plays slaps, tones, and ghost notes.

Bahian styles players commonly use two long, flexible, plastic sticks. One in each hand. These whippy stick, or wappers are perfect for hitting rim shots on every note.


Rio style samba players use a shoulder strap. The repinique hangs at a convenient angle for making the slaps with your “bare hand” and getting the rim shots with the stick. Go Samba has shoulder straps in many colors. And I can custom order colors for you.

Bahian style repinique players use a waist strap. This allows the drum to hang straighter and makes it easier to hit the drum with the sticks in both hands. The drum hangs pretty low.   Go Samba has waist straps in many colors. And I can custom order colors for you.

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments. 

4.63 lbs

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