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Mini desfiles (Parades) at Cidade do Samba

Mini Desfiles at Cidade do Samba Two weekends ago Cidade do Samba had a little preview show of the Grupo Especial parades that will happen in the Sambodromo next February. The different components were there such as bateria, baianas, porta bandeira & mestre sala, passistas, various alas etc. but in smaller numbers thanĀ the typical parade.Ā  For example, I heard that the bateria was limited to 50 people. So of course they took their best players and put on a great show!Ā  A few groups even rolled out some mini floats and confetti cannons. Those of you who know me know that I love a disco ball and a confetti cannon. The groupsĀ went in order of how they will be presented...

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How to care for your new Brazilian drum!

Ā Congratulations you just invested in a new drum! A new buddy in your future samba adventures!!! With a little bit of care and love this drum will be with you a very long time! Ā  Iā€™ve outlined a few tips that will help get you started: Wax the rods and nuts I hate the feeling of tuning my drum and the nut feels too stiff and hard to turn. It feels like Iā€™m grinding metal off the bolt and messing everything up. There is a solution to this! Use a little bit of beeswax or machine oil on the rods and nuts this will lube them up allowing them to turn nice and smooth. It also prevents wear and tear...

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The Mighty Surdo

This is a quick overview of the role of the surdo in a bateria. I will explain the drum sizes, patterns played, and the mallets straps typically used when playing surdos. The surdo is the the deep bassy heartbeat of samba. Their essential function is to mark the time for the bateria and dancers. But their effect on the ensemble is massive. A good surdo crew fills the samba with life and energy, but will also hold it down if things start to rush and speed up.Ā  The first samba drum you hear as a bateria approaches from a distance is the surdo. These are the biggest and deepest pitched drums of the ensemble. Three surdo sizes Generally samba groups...

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