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IVSOM Surdo, aluminum shell, skin and nylon head, 16" x 20"

There is almost nothing more fun than playing in a strong surdo line. You and your crew add the spark of energy that gets the whole band excited! You are the big dogs driving the bus. You rely on each other and push the samba forward. There is a lot of responsibility in this section and when everyone really nails it! Ah!! ...so good!

This drum is used as a terceira or third surdo. Or perhaps a segunda, or second surdo, in a kids bateria. The head is 16 inches in diameter and the shell is 20 inches deep. This surdo has a goatskin top head and plastic bottom head. The shell is made of aluminum.

Staying true to style, IVSOM added in the brassy hardware. Classy

Goatskin heads

Goatskin heads have a sound that you just can’t get out of a thin plastic top head. It has a wonderful clear attack like a plastic head but also has a warm resonance and boomyness.

IVSOM’s goatskin surdo heads are hand rolled and formed around a wooden hoop. When the goatskin heads arrive, sometimes can get lumpy due to humidity and temperature variations. To fix this, get the head a little damp, with a spray bottle. But not too wet. Then fit the rim of the head over the drum and assemble the drum without putting tension on the head. Wait for it to dry before you tighten it down or start to play it.

Goat skin surdo drum head with a wooden hoop. IVSOM logo at top of the head.


Typically a shoulder strap is used to wear the drum over one shoulder. The surdo then hangs at a bit of an angle.

Macapart red white and blue strap with one hook. Macapart logo on a floppy strap.

Those who play Bahian styles usually use a waist strap. The drum hangs in front of the body between the legs.

Two hook red white and blue Macapart strap with a tiny brazilian flag. Macapart logo is prominent.


When playing terceira, most of the time one mallet is enough. However for more complex fill and figures you really need two mallets. These mallets are smaller than the typical mallets used to play first surdo and second surdo. The smaller size allows you to play faster speedy licks.

Terceira mallets made by IVSOM. Wooden handles, IVSOM logo and colorful mallet heads. Surdo mallets

IVSOM puts extra thought and intention into his products. A machinist by training and a percussionist by passion he blends these skills to create high quality, well designed and well crafted instruments. 

10.8 lbs

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